Smart Toilet Features

A smart toilet is an innovative, fully automated toilet with integrated smart technology, or biotechnology capable of directly communicating and engaging with the individual. These toilets are commonly found in luxury homes in affluent areas around the globe, in high-technology areas like Japan and also in developing countries like Brazil. The main advantage of these toilets is that they do not waste water, time and effort in collecting waste. This also reduces the need for additional storage space or a separate toilet area. In addition, they are environment friendly because they use less water, energy and chemicals compared to conventional toilets. You can see more here on heated seat
What exactly is a smart toilet? It is a combination of a robotic flushing system and a special smart phone or tablet computer that acts as a remote control unit. The first step is to program the flushing parameters according to one's needs such as preferred flush frequency or volume. The second step is to activate the smart toilet's sensors and it will perform the necessary actions like releasing the waste and emptying the tank. As a result, all this can be done without the need for assistance, as long as one has access to a nearby power outlet and an internet connection.
While smart toilets are becoming a reality for several countries around the globe, some of the latest models of smart toilets also offer an option to replace the traditional flushing lever with a touch pad. There are even some models that activate using a vibration. Such technologies make the toilet an even more environmentally friendly choice because the toilet will not release any waste until the desired volume has been flushed from the tank. Besides this, when one uses a touch pad instead of the flush lever, one eliminates the need for wasting water since there is no water consumption involved.
In order to make your toilet more efficient, one can consider replacing the toilet seat. A slow flushing toilet needs a good quality seat to ensure that the flow rate is not reduced. A seating that has a soft cushion will be more relaxing than a hard chair. When the seat is rated 1, one can expect a softer ride as compared to a seat rated 2 which is stiffer. You can see more here about these experts here! 
One additional smart toilet feature is the built-in smart light. There are several models of smart toilets that come with built-in smart lights that have temperature controls. They allow you to adjust the light's intensity depending on the room's temperature. Some models come with a motion detector sensor, which helps you find the toilet in the case that you cannot locate it. This also reduces the risk of accidents, as most people do not like to sit near the toilet while it is running. With built-in smart lights, this will become much easier.
A smart toilet should offer features that make it easier to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene. The bidet and warming seat are two such options. The bidet is useful for flushing the waste, while the warming seat keeps the surrounding area warm during the wash process. With a combination of these two, the user will enjoy complete hygiene and comfort. To get a detailed overview of this topic, see here:
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